Do you have old or simply appliances that you do not use? Well, some of these things like the refrigerators and freezers are known to consume so much energy and you may find that you use up to $150 worth of electricity because of them. Don't worry anymore since we will cater for all your need by recycling your appliances. Some of the appliances which we recycle are, freezers, microwaves, heat pumps, refrigerators, air conditioners, ovens and also small home items like iron box and blenders.

Appliance recycling is not an easy task but thanks to many companies who help you recycle them in a safe way. There are many ways of getting rid like disposing them though recycling is the best advised method since it has many advantages which include:
1. Creates room.
Unused or old appliances tend to consume a lot of space which can be ideal for some other usage other than storing things that you do not use.
2. Conserve the environment.
When appliances are recycled, they help in conserving the environment since no toxic substances will be exposed when disposing them.
3. Saves money.
These appliances use a lot of electricity which annually is expensive but by recycling them, they save you the money to buy extra electricity tokens. Old appliances like the fridges consume up to three times heat as the modern ones.
4. You will get paid.
When the company takes your home or office appliance for recycling, they pay you some cash so you do not just give out your items. Most companies give you even tips when you recycle a working air conditioner. Many companies pay from four to six weeks from the day of pick up so do not get annoyed in case they delay.
5. Saves time.
Many recycling companies have online option which saves you the hectic options of looking for a suitable firm to care for your need.

If you are planning to recycle your appliances, here are some steps that you need to do before the company can accept them:
- Clean out the item and for some large home appliances like fridges, look for someone to drain the liquid they contain.
- Look out for a licensed company to recycle your appliances since they need to be recycled in a responsible manner to prevent hazardous effects.
- Make sure your appliances is working since many recycling companies only accept items in perfect condition for them to pay you.
- Find a company that will provide carrying services or arrange for transport if they do not for convenience.
- Search for a company with ideal services before giving out your appliances to be recycled.

For you to recycle an appliance you have to produce the necessary documents as a proof that the item is indeed yours. You must also be presence or another adult in the day of collecting the item. Make sure that they are in a working especially if they are large appliances and that they are empty. Fridges and freezers must be empty and clean when picking and they are required to meet the necessary measurements of 10 cubic feet for the smallest ones. 

In addition, you may not be able to recycle with the same company for more than two times for year since most deal with their customers though it is a first com first serve service. For a company to accept your item, it must be running by the time of collecting it since this is a routine they do to ensure that they are working. For easy access to collecting your item, make sure it is a convenient place sine companies do not agree to take extra miles like breaking some door for them to be able to take the item.

Appliance recycling is very safe and everyone is advised to do so instead of just disposing them everywhere or storing them in their homes without using them. These items may be of help to someone else and by recycling them, you are also you are curbing with poverty. This is because you create a job for someone for just recycling your appliance. Depending on your place of residense, you may be required to pay for your appliance fee sticker to the relevant authorities like the municipal council.

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